Marea Editorial

The book "With Che around South America" by Alberto Granado was presented in Argentina

In the event, organized by the Marea editorial house in the Caras y Caretas Cultural Center, Granado makes references to his experiences as the friend and companion of the young Guevara in his first trip around Latin America 1951-1952 which are narrated in the book that inspired the movie Motorcycle Diaries.

In the event, there also was Carlos Calica Ferrer, who was also a friend of the man who turned to be later the legendary Argentinean-Cuban guerilla commander and the author of the book De Ernesto al Che (From Ernesto to Che).

On a note that circulated here, it is pointed out that after eighty years of the birth of Che, Editorial Marea presents the moving and catching story of young Granado at the time, a tribute to friendship, adventure, the road and the fight for the ideal or a fairer society.

It adds that the book brings together the detailed account of that trip that stared on board the motorcycle La Poderosa II (The Powerful II) and the pictures that both friends took all over the trajectory around Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.

Granado, who is making a visit to Argentina invited for the activities for the eightieth birthday of Ernesto Guevara, participated in the launching of the book in the city of San Marino, as well as in the cities of Rosario, Cordoba and Salta.

He was born in the locality of Hernando in Cordoba, in 1922. He graduated from Pharmacy (1946) and Bio-chemistry (1948) from the University of that Provincial Capital and has lived in Cuba since 1960, where he made his Science PhD at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas (National Center for Scientific Investigations) (1974).

He was a founder of the Medicine School from Santiago de Cuba and from the Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria (National Center of Agricultural and Farming Health) and is currently an advisor for the Che Guevara Cathedra from Santa Clara and from Santiago de Cuba.